Are High-End Earbuds Always Better Than Cheaper Ones?

“You get what you pay for” is a common marketing tactic brands use all the time to get away with price hikes.

With enough hype, even the most mundane and dull-looking product can be sold at overinflated prices. Yet there isn’t much to look forward to in terms of features other than lots of style and personality – but that’s up to you to decide if branding is worth the price. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

In the end, most high-end products just hide behind a boatload of vague gimmicks that mean a whole lot of nothing.

So are high-end earbuds always better than cheaper earbuds?

Yes. And no.

You still have to do your homework to see if the features being offered are worth the money. Companies will not do this for you. It’s why many audiophiles rely on reviews that neatly list down the pros and cons in convenient bullet points.

Not every £10 earbud is worth the price. In many cases, you’re paying for branding or style, not necessarily quality. Case in point: Apple, commonly known for jacking up their prices while offering, what many critics argue, to be sub-standard features.

However, if you are willing to invest in high-end earbuds, nine times out of ten, you’ll be happy to have made that decision. High-end earbuds from leading brands (such as Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser) feature robust durability, the best sound money can buy, and connectivity across a range of devices.

Buy cheaper earbuds if you’re not worried about misplacing them during your travels or breaking them while working out.

The Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 is truly inexpensive at under £10 a pop and feature top-notch sound quality that will impress in every category. They’re not wireless – and at this price point we wouldn’t expect wireless technology – so you’ll have to deal with long and messy wires that often get tangled.

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Read on to explore reasons why you should invest in high-end earbuds. 

Expensive Earbuds Come with Interesting Features

Some of the features that are not gimmicky and actually improve your life include:

  • Active noise canceling (to blot out sound from the outside world)
  • Bass control via an app on your smartphone
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice assistant features
  • Water resistance
  • Multi-point connectivity

Most of these features, especially active noise canceling, will cost quite a bit. For example, Bose’s QuietComfort earbuds, which combine ANC tech with Bluetooth 5.1 in small-form-factor will fetch you anywhere from £250 to £350 depending on the vendor.  

Below are 3 features in an earbud worth investing (with examples).

1. Do You Care About the Highs, the Lows, and the Mids?

The term highs, lows, and mids refer to a mix of frequencies that make up an audio track. It’s how musicians tweak their sounds with mixed results. 

If you don’t want to miss a beat – pun intended – then nothing short of a high-end earbud will suffice. Sure, you can settle on a pair of £30 wireless headphones and they’ll get the job done for the most part. But you will have a much harder time picking up the layers upon layers of music. If you’re a gamer, you will want to hear the subtle sound cues during gameplay for the most appropriate response.

The difference between high-end earbuds and low-end earbuds can determine the outcome in competitive gaming. If you want to detect distant footsteps, weapon reload sound effects, and other cues that it’s time to make your move – you’ll want high-end earbuds to give you an edge.

Designed for the true audiophile, the MW07 Plus by Master & Dynamic comes with high-quality sound that is worth the money. The ANC technology can easily block out high pitched noises by way of destructive interference. More importantly, the sound quality is excellent across the pleasure with very few faults.

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2. The High Price of Comfort (with example)

Every individual has their own priorities in life. Some people couldn’t what foam headphones came with. Others will be at their wits if their headphones didn’t feature breathable foams.

High-end earbuds are made with quality materials such as leather over an aluminum frame with plush padding. The ear pods come with memory foams that comfortably fit any ear shape. Not only are the ear pods more comfortable, but they also do a good job of restricting outside noise as they fit your ear shape. In addition, they come with cooling gel pads to reduce heat buildup and sweating, which is useful for longer sessions.

Overall, manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their flagship earbuds are as comfortable as possible so they can be used for long periods without inducing a headache.

Manufacturers who sell low-end earbuds will have to cut corners to keep prices affordable – after all, no business will operate at a loss.  

If comfort is something you’re after, we recommend checking out the Bose QuietComfort 20. The comfortable design ensures that won’t have to push them into the ear too far for a good quality sound. Being less invasive, the earbuds are more comfortable. They feature ANC technology, which means you, should be able to isolate outside sounds and listen to your music in relative silence.

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3. Reliable and Secure Fit (with example)

Activity-specific earbuds also fetch a decent price in the ranges of £150 or more. This is because finding the right balance of comfort and protected fit is hard to engineer. To ensure a secure fit, these earbuds come with various machinations including in-hearing silicon wings and adaptable over-ear canal hooks. The use of Bluetooth technology frees you from cables, meaning that your phone won’t tug at your earbuds while you’re working out.

Our top pick: Jaybird VISTA

Jaybird Vista is designed for the sports aficionado who plans on spending several hours at the gym. It is fully waterproof, comes with 6-hour battery life, and wireless technology. They will fit your ears securely and feature three different-sized ear tips and sports fins to help you secure a tight seal. Unlike the Powerbeats Pro, the Jaybird Visa is lighter on your ears and won’t hurt with prolonged use.

You would be surprised to find out that the sound quality is comparable to high-end options such as Sony WF-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort with well-defined bass. 

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So what are your views on high-end earbuds? Are they worth the price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Blog Article Written By Rishi Sawhney – Headphone’s geek!

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